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I was born without the gene to compartmentalize. My work IS personal. I take starting and building companies, working in tech, the companies I invest in, and the companies I work at very personally. This newsletter is a revitalized experiment I started more than 15 years ago, when I wrote a blog called Pause and shared what I learned, feared, loved and didn’t love about starting a company and the life I lived while building it. As my company grew I stopped writing the blog but I didn’t stop noticing things: Big Tech evolving and getting a bit big for its britches, more underrepresented founders building and leading companies, the world needing a Time-Out, my estrogen levels…But being a startup founder and later a tech executive at companies with and without senses of humor I kept all this pent-up reflection to myself.

I would be honored if you subscribed and allowed me to barf these candid observations, with random chunks of insight and vulgarity, onto you.

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