We spend. We influence. We build companies. So why can't we show up online?
Micro-Quitting is a perfectly viable life strategy, at least until you can’t take it anymore. Just ask Rory Gilmore.
Bridge jobs got us through the Pandemic. They've pulled me through my career.
'Work Hard, Rest Later' Was My Work Mantra. But My Personal Chemistry Changed.
Welcome to PAUSE: Stories of tech, marketing, fairness, hormones by me, Jory Des Jardins. Entrepreneur | Investor | Advisor | Operator | Storyteller | …
Analyzing one of the most pervasive and disturbing forms of dysfunctional communication infecting business today — Professional Ghosting
In January 2005 I had quit my marketing/business development job to pursue an inkling.
I know, I know — we have a gender parity issue in VC — both on the investor and entrepreneur sides.
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PAUSE: Stories of tech, marketing, fairness, hormones